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M & M Furniture, Inc. Policies

Please take the time to consider the following information about our company. We have been family owned and operated for over 30 years. References are available upon request, and we are more than pleased to welcome you to our workshop for a viewing.


We build upholstered goods with limited exposed wood and reupholster for residential indoor/ outdoor. We accept limited commercial projects on a case-by-case basis.

Lead Time: Typical lead time, 4-6 business weeks from receipt of deposit and material. Holiday time is 5-7 business weeks. However, we kindly ask that you please inquire to get the most up to date lead time.


Regarding custom-built items: Returns or Exchanges are prohibited on custom orders except for the Manufacturer's defects or damages. A custom order is an item built explicitly for our clientele and is not a mass-produced item from an average inventory.


General Craftsmanship & Framing: Please note that your items are not machine-made but locally hand-crafted, and as such, there is a +/- of .5 - .75" dimension tolerance for all measurements. The mainframes are corner blocked from domestic, sustainable, kiln-dried Alder or Beech woods. Suspension comprises sinuous steel springs; canvas wrapped to ensure quiet springs and support. Cushions are comprised of a standard H.R. 20, 30, or 40 foam (standard fire rating: Cal. Tech. Bul. 117), with a choice of either 10/90 Down/Feather envelope or blown poly- fiber (prices vary) or Dacron wrap.


Textile Disclaimer: Yardage estimates take into account plain non-directional fabric and patterned or directional napped fabrics. Because textiles vary significantly in all aspects of pattern, content, shading, and pricing, the customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the chosen material is appropriate for the assigned upholstering need.

Fabric Selection: You are encouraged to schedule an appointment to look at samples to discuss color/ texture/ comfort/ content/ wear and cleaning information. Prices vary from $20.00 per yard to upwards of $200.00. Fabric choice will determine the final cost. M&M Furniture, Inc. is not responsible for fabric performance. Proving your own fabric? The Client/ Designer is solely responsible for ensuring the fabric/materials chosen are sufficient, properly backed/ finished, and appropriate for the assigned upholstering need. M&M Furniture, Inc. is not responsible for fabric performance. Yardage projections take into account standard 54" inch upholstery grade fabrics. Please request the following specific information:

- Is it upholstery weight?

- Does it require backing?

- What are cleaning codes?

- What wear rating/ grade is described?

Have the provider disclose the following information:

- Are there defects in weaving/ pattern/ texture?

- Is the material in one whole continuous cut?

- If the material is in pieces, are they all the same dye lot?

- Will providers give compensatory yardage for defects/ different dye lots/ piece meals?

Leather goods require that clients inspect them for holes/ brands/ scratches/ crimps, as where ever the flaw lands are how the fabric will be placed on the items.

For Designers & Contractors: Please provide licensing & resale certification information in PDF format via email to receive appropriate information. Designer to be the primary contact/ source of information for their clientele to reduce the issue of conflicting directives.

Quotes & Payment:

* There is a quoting limit should no projects manifest after the third quote.

* Quote is valid for Only 30 business days from the quoted date.

* Deposit Amount: 50% deposit payment is due within 7 business days from the invoice date, with the balance due upon completion. C.O.D. Adherence.

* Please be prepared with a deposit to initiate your work order.

* Taxes may apply. (Please provide resale cert. via email to omit taxable amount)

* We accept all major Credit Cards, Checks, Cash, Zelle, or Apple Pay.

* Balance must be paid in full to receive completed items.

To provide accurate measurements and information for the items you would like quoted, please use our guides as references.


We do not cancel, return, or exchange an order without incurring further charges. All changes must be in writing and accompanied by a signature. When approved, please email with your signature, date of approval, and deposit to initiate the work order.

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